[ INFINITY ] MASTERS will give you all of the following and more. This can be your most secure, most profitable investment you’ve ever made. Read on to find why we say this:

PASSIVE INCOME: Grow your portfolio with daily passive staking rewards.

INNOVATIVE: We will build the most effective tools with the best builders in the space to make available for all of our holders. We will also keep an eye on the status quo and continue to build to lessen the impact of the challenges we all face in the NFT space.

SAFE: IM META DAO is truly decentralized, giving you a secure platform to grow your NFT portfolio. The DAO is structured in such a way that you are only required to own at least 1 ( INFINITY ) MASTERS NFT to be a member. Members claim the utility benefits the DAO will offer by the proxy system for the NFTs The META DAO holds in it’s community vault.

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