❓How Will Fractionalized Drops Work?

Inevitably, NFTs that The META DAO holds will yield drops of some kind in the future.

For these drops, the resulting tokens (fungible and non-fungible) will be stored in the DAO and ownership distributed through the same fractionalized ownership mechanism as all existing tokens in the collection.

Utilization of these drops is up to the decision of the DAO members through approved proposals.


After initial mint, the (INFINITY) MASTERS META DAO, together with the (INFINITY) MASTERS META DAO CORE TEAM, will ultimately have control and decision over any discrepancies and project direction not outlined in the whitepaper.

Should an NFT project that The META DAO holds an NFT for open up an exclusive game, content, event, etc and they require proof of ownership to access those perks, all (INFINITY) MASTERS META DAO members will be able to join a raffle or giveaway, where they stand to get the chance to win slots allocated for the DAO.

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