🍧Rarity And Art Price Points

There are 6 different rarity tiers β­• Common – Worst 40% of the collection β­• Uncommon – Top 60% of the collection β­• Rare – Top 35% of the collection β­• Epic – Top 15% of the collection β­• Legendary – Top 5% of the collection β­• Mythic – Top 1% of the collection

  • The rarity will have an effect on price points.

  • The lower your NFT rank, the higher the price point will be


  • Different price points are set by the community based on the most unique and desirable traits in the collection

  • Rankings are normally ignored upon setting price for special traits.

  • Even if you have a common NFT, you can still sell it at a premium if you are lucky enough to have a special trait.

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