🌠Our Vision

  • Give the decentralized world different avenues where they can spend their web3 currencies on real world applications.

  • Give the centralized world the option to invest in our project and our team where we build decentralized applications that attract new money and the right people into the decentralized world.

  • Show the people how web3 gives opportunities in terms of alpha information using our META DAO. We want to make sure that we give quality information, using our whale status in the community, from the different projects that we are involved in.

  • Become the undisputed intermediary that establishes the right connections with all of the alpha projects and communities. The end result in mind is to uplift the ecosystem by working with all of the best builders and movers in the space.

  • Give the best advice from experts. From changing market dynamics to how crypto is reshaping entire industries. You get expert analysis on demand, which would result in a better understanding of the future of everything.

The ultimate goal of the META DAO is to give all holders/members access to all of the utilities, perks and ALPHA information that are exclusive to blue chip NFT projects as well as paid alpha groups on different blockchains (Solana and Ethereum) while building our own suite of solutions and applications. While we continue to build, we will maintain as many gateways and connections in both the decentralized and centralized worlds. Bringing all these dots together will result in a GIANT LEAP FOR WEB3

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